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> On May 18, 2016, at 1:09 PM, Sean DALY <> wrote:
>> On Wed, May 18, 2016 at 7:45 PM, Dave Crossland <> wrote:
>> Fortunately, SLOBs votes are done via email, at any time, and the monthly 
>> SLOBs meetings are there to unjam any backlogs.
> ah I was under the impression that motions were debated and voted in the 
> meetings, with recourse to e-mail when meeting time ran out after debate but 
> before a vote.
Much of the recent gridlock in the meetings has been as a result of trying to 
do what you suggest. If at least discussing in advance, if not actually voting, 
can happen, the SLOB might actually be able to get more things done in the 

> Nobody's in thrall to a higher power here, and if the SFC requires every 
> single expenditure to be voted, there is a reason, and perhaps the reason 
> isn't valid. With resources limited as they are, we need to be vigilant about 
> bureaucracy, that's all.
> Speaking of which, the SLOBs may wish to consider a motion numbering system 
> such as is used by legislatures. It could simplify referencing previous 
> decisions, in particular providing a search engine handle which could be used 
> to reconcile authorized expenditures. And motions could be more easily listed 
> for governance history.

Dave and I have already done this with Motions A, B, C, and D. (In CA we use 
both letters and numbers for propositions).
> Sean
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