Hi Caryl

I think you're saying that all SLOBs should be active fundraisers as part
of the role?

We could also say we "need a team of dedicated volunteers" to work on
adapting Sugar Activities to curricula, on developing teacher tools, on
providing support, on adding platforms, on localization, even on marketing.
Our challenge is to advance with whom we have, and recruit others to help.

Volunteer recruitment, like microdonations or major grants, involves
communicating a compelling vision of "Why Sugar?"

Perhaps trying to thrash out texts is not the best approach - maybe we
should start with why we the volunteers are convinced about Sugar, and
think about distilling our Vision from that.


On Sun, Jun 5, 2016 at 6:18 PM, Caryl Bigenho <cbige...@hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Folks…
> "Nickel and dimeing" members doesn't seem to be a viable option. Not
> enough funds would be raised for all the wonderful things Dave (and many
> others) envision. Having an easy means for patrons to donate would be
> wonderful. But, the best way to raise funds for projects is probably
> through an active "Development Committee" similar to those used by
> educational institutions and other non-profits.
> So, you may ask, what is a Development Committee and what do they do? As
> the fundraising arm of the organization, it is tasked with seeking out
> funding sources. For SugarLabs that might be mostly through competitive
> grants.
> We have missed out on some important ones already, such as:
> the Adult Literacy X-Prize (1)… team sign ups closed last December 15 and
> the Global Learning X-Prize (2), (which seems a perfect fit for Sugar
> Labs) closed in April of 2015
> And, what was SLOB doing when these opportunities came and went? In 2015
> they were concerned with GCI, the election, GSOC, Turtle Arts Days, etc.
> and in 2014 it was more of the same. Nothing about funding opportunities!
>  I can't believe we totally missed the Global Learning one. It was such a
> good fit that I know we could have done very well.
> We need a team of dedicated volunteers to continually search for new
> opportunities, such as these, that would be a good fit. It should be
> organized  with a volunteer chairperson and volunteer members who would
> continuously be on the look out for possible grant opportunities and
> discuss them using whatever platform they choose to use. The chairperson,
> or a designee, could report at the monthly meetings what they had found…
> either "nothing" or "X, Y, and Z."
> The board could decide to approve or disapprove moving forward with any of
> these opportunities with a simple floor motion.
> Caryl
> (1) http://adultliteracy.xprize.org
> (2) http://learning.xprize.org
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