Actually we have a number of people among the SugarLabs membership with 
experience in successful fund raising through grants. I am one of them. Sora 
Edwards is another. I'm sure there are other people who would be willing to 
work together (a committee or whatever we decide to call it) to constantly 
search all possible funding sources and team up to draft quality proposals that 
will be successful.
If you don't like the word committee, Dave, that is your business. But that is 
how things get done!
If someone reading this has done some grant writing or thinks they would enjoy 
helping seek out and develop proposals for SugarLabs… let's get together and be 
a "Committee!" The key word here is "enjoy."
P.S. The grants written by me and by Sora were not written for SugarLabs. 

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"Nickel and dimeing" members doesn't seem to be a viable option
For me, neither does making up committees and talking about dedicated 
volunteers that do not exist :) We are so small that we do not need any 
committees for anything.                                            
IAEP -- It's An Education Project (not a laptop project!)

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