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Adam asked me to diligently maintain the list of SLOB decisions going
forwards, that Walter had put together from archives, at

I have reviewed this page. You have numbered the motions beginning with 2016-1. There are missing numbers after 14. However, a
quick reading shows the board to have made decisive action on the motions.

One change I would like to see to this page. Mark pending motions as 'proposed' or 'pending' and indicate who has submitted the motion. Use the actual wording of the motion (normally shown in the Board meeting public log). For pending motions, use the words by the member who
proposed it, with their name and the date submitted (or last amended).

In many cases you have marked several motions as failed which were not made to the Board. (example, Motion 'B' 2016-28,29,30).

The dates above the motions do not seem to correspond to Board meeting dates. According to the approved motion 2016-3,

'Restrict email voting to 1 week going forward, to remove confusion from the current voting process, keeping focus.'

I had understood this to mean that urgent or emergency motions would be made on the SLOBs list and would be decided by email vote within one week of the motion being moved and seconded. However, I have no recollection of this process being followed for most of the dates you give
for failed motions.

If I read this page correctly, you believe there are no pending motions. All motions are shown as agreed or failed.

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