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> P.S. Re clause #2: there may be times when the financial data from the SFC
> is not available at a meeting. The first item in the clause allows for
> making updates and corrections from the previous meeting's data if it
> differs.

The motion I just posted also allows for this.

> I strongly suggest this be the starting version at the meeting tomorrow.

Do you need to repost it to the SLOBs list in order for it to be a valid motion?

>  Confirmation of the accuracy of the previous month's report according to
> the SFC
>  Balance at the beginning of the month preceding the meeting
>  Expenses during the month
>  Income received during the month
>  Balance at the end of the month

How does that work for a meeting like the one tomorrow falling on the
1st of the month; does it mean that the FM is obligated to finalise
the report in the less than 24 hours before the meeting?

> 3. The Finance Manager arranges for the Conservancy to make any
>  disbursements authorized by the Board. The Finance Manager
>  will maintain a 'petty cash' fund of $200 to pay for miscellaneous
>  expenditures between meetings.

Does that mean that if two requests for funds under $200 occur in 1
month, the 2nd can not be paid until either the next month begins or a
SLOB motion to approve it?

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