This year I am not on the election committee because I am very involved in 
setting up an OSSIE track for SCaLE. I don't know who is on the committee this 
time or what their time table is. It probably should be finalized at tomorrow's 


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I Agree with you, we should be patient. The academia certification system 
consumes a lot of time from people :P

You lead last year election time table, Any news this year?


I recall you also joined the Elections Committee early this year, I hope you 
still have time :D

Regards and blessings,

Laura Victoria

2016-12-01 14:47 GMT-05:00 Caryl Bigenho 

I agree with Dave, we should wait for Sameer's guidance in this process.


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Hi all!

I am really interested in continue helping the community to shape it's vision 
for the following 10-15 years.

I believe society in general, needs urgently to rescue respect for the voice of 
women and young girls, specially in free/libre-culture/software projects.

That said I have found that helping out is easier when your voice also has a 
vote attached.

That's why I present my candidacy for the commingling board elections. 
Sebastian has shared with me he has no time to be part of this years election 
(is it 3 seats? is it for 2017-2019?) committee, so I ask all the other members 
to please set the time line in tomorrow's meeting.

Thank you all for the time!

Blessings and regards,

Laura Victoria

2016-12-01 12:07 GMT-05:00 Dave Crossland <<>>:

The discussion stopped because we are waiting for Sameer to publish the second 
episode of his video about the process of formally defining a vision, mission, 
goals, tasks and doing a swot analysis and so on.

Sameer proposed and I think we all agreed that each of us throwing our own 
unilateral attempts at each other was not productive

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Happy Learning!

Laura V.

Happy Learning!

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