running  Kernel 2.6.24-rc7 (with thinkpad-acpi v0.19) with paramaters:

acpi_osi="Linux"   -- > Mute button Works! Gnome sees it is pressed.

acpi_osi="!Linux" --> Mute button NOT seen by Gnome.

Interesting stuff. Adding acpi_osi="Linux" fixes the problem. Now what
does this mean is the question :-)

On Jan 11, 2008 2:56 PM, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Wed, 09 Jan 2008, Jerone Young wrote:
> > So running the following tests:
> >
> > 1) Kernel (with thinkpad-acpi v0.19) = Works great Gnome can see
> > mute button pressed
> >
> > 2) Kernel 2.6.24-rc7 (with thinkpad-acpi v0.19) = Gnome does NOT see
> > mute is pressed
> Try 2.5.24-rc7, but give it the *kernel* parameter acpi_osi="Linux". Does
> Mute start working again?  If that doesn't work, what happens if you use the
> kernel parameter acpi_osi="!Linux" ?
> > So something changed around 2.6.23 that for some reason this version
> > of the firmware is not passing the key scan code up the stack. Yet it
> > is still muting the voulme (which is very odd).
> Yeah, let's try to track it down.  It would be easier if it were
> thinkpad-acpi's fault, but we can still try :-)
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