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>If you mean that they FTP transferred an XMIT file via an intermediate system 
>which was ASCII based (such as Windows) and forgot to do a BINary transfer at 
>some stage, you are out of luck. The problem is that, in general, if you do an 
>EBCDIC to ASCII to EBCDIC tranlation which include "non printable" character, 
>you don't get back the original file. The reason is because multiple EBCDIC 
>characters translate to the same ASCII character. So there is NO way to know 
>what the original character is.
The OP sent me, privately, a sample of his data.  Excerpts from
my analysis/reply to him:

It was apparently a PDS containing several (perhaps 5) Rexx EXECs.
Apparently a TRANSMIT OUTDATASET() was performed.  That output
data set, about 100kB, was FTPed to the PC in ASCII mode.  Is
the EBCDIC instance lost from z/OS?
Recovery is tedious.  I haven't the resources to help you further.
Some of the members (a little more than half the content) had
sequence numbered lines; those numbers could be useful markers
in reconstructing the data.

[Abby Sciuto or Penelope Garcia would do it in seconds.]

You might take this back to IBM-MAIN.  ... But, please,
answer completely any questions people ask you; don't
expect others to do all the detective work.

-- gil

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