Hello all,

have the following problem(s):

Printsrv and all of it's bells and whistles works on z/OS 1.10 and 1.12.

I have TARed (PAXed) the /var/Printsrv directory, copied it to my target
(z/OS1.13) and started Printsrv as per instructions.

All necessary RACF, Linklist and USS definitions are in place.

When I look at the printer definitions on z/OS 1.13 from the ISPF interface,
all seems as it should be, i.e. all printers definitions are as defined in
z/OS 1.10 / 1.12.

>From SDSF I can print a JES output using 'xsc' and everything appears on my
chosen printer in clear and legible format. 

Using the APPPRINT utility (Batch) I see the banner page being printed
legibly, everything after that, however, is illegible. It would seem that
the print is being somewhat overlaid.

I can see no strange errors / messages when I look at the Printsrv log on
the ISPF interface.

Would anyone have any pointers / hints??



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