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I'm sorry about this rant, but one annoying spelling problem seems to have reached epidemic proportions. I'm afraid people are forgetting what they know and are just repeating the mistakes they see here.

Loose: v. Free from restraint
Loose: adj. Not tight
Loose: adv. Without restraint

Lose: v. Fail to keep or to maintain; fail to win

They both have many other meanings, but they are *not* synonyms.

I would never complain about the spelling and grammar mistakes of those to whom English is a second language, but many of these are coming from native speakers. I considered a private e-mail to just those making the mistake, but I lost count.

This rant was brought you you as a public service message. (Make sure you're using the right words on resumes, cover letters, and any communication where you don't want to negatively impress the recipient.) I now return you to the normally scheduled topics of how-to, tuning, and Intellectual Property law.

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