The virtual SHARE in August will cost only 199 USD for members, 399
USD for non-members.  There will obviously be no travel expenses if
you have access to high enough speed Internet.  There are
opportunities for Birds Of a Feather sessions.  If I sign up, I might
try to set up a BOF session on COBOL 2014, some of the very useful
features and whether they are 20 - 40 years too late because
organizations have already implemented work-arounds and won't revisit
the code?  I also am interested in discussing whether making the
effort to have z/OS handle FBA devices for FBA data sets (all VSAM,
PDSEs, page data sets, etc.) would be worthwhile and creating FBA
equivalents of SYS1.NUCLEUS (combine it with the IPL text?) SPOOL

The schedule which gives the dates and shows the slots for BOF

The actual session agenda which even adjusts the times to your time
zone (mine is Atlantic Daylight Time).  If I was still a working
systems programmer, I would definitely sign up.,oLShgQgAGAsAB9xbo,oLShgQgAGAsAB9xbo,405,120&skip=120&sortByFields[0]=startsAt&sortByOrders[0]=1

Clark Morris

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