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>Re FBA, they did it for other systems, and TSS/360 used page formatted volumes 
>for everything except compatibility volumes, so from a technical perspective 
>it's a no brainer, although direct use of SCSI DASD might make more sense 
>these days. Politically, it's a thorny issue. I'd love to see them extend VSAM 
>to the level of TSS while they're at it, e.g., VIPAM.

What is the logical difference between VPAM (found it in a TSS360
description) and PDSE except PDSE is an add-on (my opinion of the
decision maker who decreed that PDSE or at least a read-only subset
didn't need to be available for SYS1.PARMLIB, SYS1.NUCLEUS and
SYS1.LPALIB is complete contempt)?

Clark Morris 

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