so just to provide some sample here's what I get from pdsman when the library 
is being monitored ....

1PDSMAN       r7.70                                    LIBRARY ACTIVITY LOG     
           25 August    2016.238 12:25:55  PAGE     1
** PDSM17 **   xxxx                                   SYS1.xxxxxxx              
0  Date      Time   Member    (TTR) Extents S Lvl Sys  Activity   by User   
Program   Comments                                       
008/25/2016  08:53  F1ASAP01                  000 xxxx ACCESSED   tsopmnt  
SYNCSERV                                         tsopmnt

now also on point 1 ...when I say write a sample rexx/clist code make sure that 
code is either being called as macro by each member of the library which you 
getting monitored....

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