On Fri, 16 Sep 2016 23:37:57 +0000, Frank Swarbrick wrote:

>We just upgraded from z/OS 1.13 to z/OS 2.2 and I'm experimenting with using 
>symbols in in-stream data.  Here is some JCL:
>    ...
>The output is as follows:
>I expected the double ampersands to be squeezed in to a single ampersand, but 
>that did not happen.  Is this behavior documented?  Is there any way to 
>display the text of SYSNAME with a single ampersand prefix?
It's deliberate, in order to accommodate using legacy assembler
text instream and preserving its existing double ampersands.

I asked the question here and got that answer.  If it's not
documented it's surely RCF-worthy.

I played with it a lot.  I don't recall what worked.  Perhaps:
    SET AMP='&&'

Also, the conventions for preserving column alignment may
be well-motivated but they're inconsistent with the behavior
of symbol substitution elsewhere in JCL.

Also, note that when using PARMDD there's no way to supply
a parameter ending in a blank.

-- gil

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