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> NaN in computing is pronounced, right? My rule of thu... mouth I suppose,
> is if it can be pronounced, pronounce it, otherwise say the letters but
> with no gaps in between. Emveeess vs Em-vee-ess.
> 1970's training video, American guy with hairstyle which made his head
> look like a triangle, studiously pronouncing each individual letter, D-O-S
> J-C-L, with alternating minor waggles of his head at each letter. Not
> enough time in the world for that.

​Oh, and now we can discuss how to say JCL as a word? I have always her
Jickel (rhymes with Nickel)​.

> In Portuguese, and allowing for my phonetics for the second, sicks and
> dehbehdoish (CICS, DB2).

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