On 2016-09-17, at 10:25, Jesse 1 Robinson wrote: 
> There is at least one other 'infinity' that is larger than Aleph-null: the 
> set of all real numbers between any two arbitrary points, dubbed 
> Aleph-sub-one. So the number of real numbers between zero and one or between 
> 1 and 1000000 are both represented as Aleph-sub-one. 

The cardinality of the set of real numbers (cardinality of the continuum) is 
2^0ℵ. It cannot be determined from ZFC (Zermelo–Fraenkel set theory with the 
axiom of choice) where this number fits exactly in the aleph number hierarchy, 
... (TMI) ...

> How this relates to z systems I don't know. Just showing off what I remember 
> from a hundred years ago. ;-)

IEEE provides for NaN.  It's pretty hard to assign a meaningful sign to ∞ - ∞.

-- gil

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