Itschak: found this lingering in my mailbox for a response and don't recall if 
you received an answer.  For completeness, I'll repeat what was probably 
already provided by others.

I believe you were looking for the information equivalent to ISMF option 7.5 
"Source Data Set ACS Routine Translated from", etc. It is available from 
IDCAMS, which can be invoked programmatically, [1] in the DCOLLECT Acct Info 
(AI) record.  Using SCDS(ACTIVE) should retrieve the information from the 
current ACDS.  

Alternatively, if you're trying to find the matching SCDS, it should be in the 
Base Config (BC) record as DBCSCDSN.

[1]  from my old DFSMS v1.5 manual, it's in Appendix D, "Invoking AMS from your 

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I Looked into the ACDS and it is quit simple organized as a sequential dataset 
(VSAM ESDS). The Name of the source dataset it there per ACS routine / class. I 
was able to read and search for the source acs library dsname, but I wonder if 
there is a formal way doing this. Interactive ISMF is not an option.

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