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But a few pages later in the same manual:
some of the examples have 3030200E, which means the shared DASD bit was set in 
the UCB when the catalog entry was created. That's not shown in the table. 
You'll want to check for that too.


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>Some other trivia about DEVTYPE in catalog entries...
>The first two bytes are "feature" bits.  For modern disk, it will always be 
>x'3010'.  These bits represent obsolete and now-standard functions that were 
>once features, namely burst mode (obsolete), data chaining (now standard), and 
>rotational position sensing (now both standard *and* obsolete!).
>The next byte is the device class, x'20' for direct access.
>The last byte, represents the device, and as others have posted x'0F' is set 
>for 3390.
>(Wayne Rhoten had the feature bit mapping when I looked for this a couple 
>months back!)
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