I was adding to your code the new panels that are available in z/OS 2.1.  It 
looks like now there are some that do not have unique display values:

RES and RM  both display RESOURCE
SP and SO both display SPOOL...

So I tried this instead.  Self maintaining and relatively easily understood:

 zscrname = left(display,7)  


On Sun, 2 Oct 2016 12:00:40 +0000, Robert Prins <> 

>Thanks to those who replied, I've currently got this
>zscrname = word('SDSF ISF@ST  ISF@O   ISF@DA  ISF@H   ISF@I',
>                      'ISF@LOG ISF@SR  ISF@MAS ISF@JC  ISF@SE',
>                      'ISF@PS  ISF@INI ISF@PR  ISF@PUN',
>                      'ISF@RDR ISF@LIN ISF@NOD ISF@SO  ISF@ULG',,
>                 wordpos(display, 'STATUS  OUTPUT DA HELD INPUT',
>                                  'SYSLOG SYSTEM MAS JOB SCHEDULING',
>                                  'PROCESS INITIATOR PRINTER PUNCH',
>                                  'READER LINE NODE SPOOL ULOG') + 1)
>But that's way from complete according to the manual. ;)

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