>The minimum specs we were provided insist on a 2-CP solution, but when I
>pressed them, other than "commands took a long time", I received no
>valid reason why a single CP with sufficient memory would not be enough.
>Does anyone have experience with GDDR LPARs, specifically the CP
>requirement, and be willing to share that with a fellow Sysprog?

The two LPARs we are running both run with a single CP, and have for almost a 
year, AFAIK. No adverse effects that I could observe (but then, I don't 'do' 

Be aware that we currently have problems terminating the GDDR address spaces 
during system shutdown that run on all systems. They need to get force arm'd to 
terminate. EMC tells us that we are behind on maintenance, I was told we have 
the maint installed, and we still need to force arm them. Go back to being 
'behind on maint' and start over.  I am getting frustrated with that. 


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