This is just a guess after reading the doc.

This might be a question IBM can answer.  Some of the processes might be
internal to IBM and not available to the average user.

In other words, if there is a Service that can provide the information, it is
possible the Csect Offsite may not be accessible or stable (they might move it
on you) 


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> Subject: Language Environment LIBVEC layout?
> Gentlefolk,
> Subject says all, really - does anyone have a layout for the Language
> Environment LIBVEC CSECT? The manuals cover structure but not actual contents;
> I'm trying to properly understand the under-the-covers nuts and bolts of
> starting up a COBOL program, and am running into code that uses hard-coded
> offsets in LIBVEC. While I could force an abend then work backwards from a
> dump, it would be so much easier if someone could help me with this (there are
> likely hundreds of addresses in there and it would be dull in the extreme to
> go through them!).
> For the avoidance of ambiguity the LIBVEC I'm interested in is the one pointed
> to by offset 696 decimal in the CAA, field name CEECAACELV.
> Many thanks in advance,
> Pete.

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