>ABO only creates an optimized LOAD MODULE (program object).  It does not=20
>convert your source to V6, and it will not give you all the=20
>optimizations of V6.  Your biggest payback is if you upgrade your CPU,=20
>then you can run your load modules through ABO and get some of the=20
>optimization provided by the new hardware.

I know this was a while ago, but I wanted to comment on the reference to
'convert your source to V6'.  In general, all programs compile cleanly with
COBOL V5 and COBOL V6.  If there are problems, and about 25% of customers
have had some, they are caused by invalid data in the COBOL data items at
runtime.  To fix this, users have to change the data, or the data entry
panels, or use new compiler options to tolerate the bad data.  There is
no way to do source conversion to migrate to COBOL V5/V6, like there
was years ago for OS/VS COBOL to anything newer.

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