I've made a stupid mistake with one of my z/OS systems, and now I'm hoping
that someone can help me extricate myself..

I was in the process of moving a user catalog from one disk to another.

Following examples from documentation on the IBM web site...
Did an EXPORT TEMPORARY of the ucat to a 'flat' file,
and then a DEFINE of the catalog on it's new volume.
(All going well so far - I should know better)

The subsequent attempt at an IMPORT of the 'flat' file resulted in a JCL
error 'data set not found'.

If I use ISPF 3.4 to look at all the files on the disk involved, I can see
that the file does in fact exist.
If I try 'I' or 'S', or 'browse', etc, I get 'data set not catalogued'

The problem is that the flat file I created has a name that was aliased to
the catalog I've just deleted and redefined. (foot...gun...BANG)

The VVDS entry for the export file points to a catalog that - while it
exists - is empty.

I've tried numerous attempts at RECATALOG and DELETE NVR NOSCRATCH, but
nothing works because SMS can't find the data it needs to complete the task
I specify.

To add to the problem, the same catalog also had my SMS SCDS/ACDS aliased
there, among numerous other datasets necessary for IPL.

Yes, all very stupid, I know, and I believe I've learnt a very harsh lesson.
But if anyone has got any ideas, I'd love to hear them.


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