I think if this is an IDC3009I with code 246 - you need to contact IBM L2 
Support for SMS CATALOG.

Without the complete message text - it is hard to determine what you have 
specifically.  But if it is the 246 then you have a big problem.

Contact IBM Support they will be able to help.

RETURN CODE 246 Explanation: An internal error has occurred while processing a 
catalog request.
Reason Code     Description
x       Explanation: An internal error has occurred.

System Action: An SVC dump may be produced for the error, depending on the 
reason code. Processing of the catalog request is terminated.

Programmer Response: Determine if an SVC dump was created for this failure, and 
contact the IBM Support Center for assistance.
26      Explanation: An overlay in the Access Control Block (ACB) or CAXWA for 
an ICFCATALOG has been detected. A dump will be taken and the Catalog Address 
Space will be restarted internally to invalidate the affected control blocks.

Programmer Response: Please provide any dumps to IBM support. Prepare to re-IPL 
the system(s) that got the 246-26 dumps to rebuild the ACBs as soon as possible.
28      Explanation: A broken CAXWA chain has been detected. A dump will be 
taken and a IEC366E WTO message will be issued. An IPL is recommended at the 
earliest convenience to avoid any fatal errors because of the broken CAXWA 
chain. Catalog address space is not restarted.

Programmer Response: Please provide any 246-28 dumps to IBM support to make 
sure the overlay has been corrected.
RETURN CODE 254 Explanation: An error was encountered during catalog 
Reason Code     Description
2       Explanation: The opening of a catalog failed during catalog 
4       Explanation: The allocation of a catalog unit failed.
Programmer response

See the programmer response for the specific return code and reason code. 
Inspect other messages concerning the DADSM subcomponent or open or close 
processing to aid in solving the problem. If necessary, contact the IBM Support 


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> Behalf Of Bill Woodger
> Sent: Monday, October 17, 2016 3:42 PM
> 246
> Vigilio ,
> I think you've posted to the google groups rather than the listserv itself, so
> perhaps many people won't see your post.
> I poked your message id into a search box, which gets to the IBM Knowledge
> Centre which leads to IDC3009I, which has your code, with explanations per
> reason code.
> It looks like something broke badly.
> ------
> Folks,
> I'm having this IGD* error but could not find RC 246 from the System
> Completion Codes list.
> We're running z/OS v2.1.
> Would anyone here have encountered this error? If yes, may I know the cause &
> fix please?
> Thank you.
> Virgilio

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