David Crayford asked:
>Are CICS customers allowed to run WLP outside of CICS?

I'm not sure, but does it matter? If desired, Liberty can be in a
completely separate, standalone CICS region. As it happens, Liberty within
CICS supports CICS transaction and resource security, and that's quite

If it does matter, and if your customers don't already have WAS for z/OS
licenses, then "ask your friendly IBM representative" about standalone
Liberty for z/OS OEM licensing. It at least can't hurt. The term of art is
an "IBM Embedded Solution Agreement" (ESA):


By the way, there are many Liberty z/OS affinities besides the simple one
you describe. Examples include z/OS operator commands, SMF logging (such as
writing SMF records for HTTP requests), the z/OS Optimized Local Adapters,
z/OS RRS transaction management, and WLM support.

Timothy Sipples
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