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Subject: strange JES2 purge queue issue

I've just completed the merging of 2 systems into a JES2MAS, we're z/OS 2.1 
RSU1508 on both systems, thanks to all the fine folks here the process to get 
these systems into a MAS was sucesfully, the only issue I had was with one 
CA-SPOOL print destination, for some reason the output status on JES was 'USER' 
CA-Spool will not pick it up from the queue. When we print to R21, which is the 
alias to ltrm4fe, it comes out without the status of ‘user’ and prints to their 
printer without any issues. looking deeper into the Queues, I see many jobs 
sitting in the purge queue 'awaiting purge' and I cannot for the life of me 
figure out why, status shows 

$HASP890 CRTIME=(2016.339,15:03:32)
I've attempted to cancel via JES $CSxxxx and jes2 comes back 'job cannot be 
cancelled' when I purge this job the status remains the same, they are already 
awaiting purge, any clues? 

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