It's interesting to note that this mailing list indirectly contributed to the 
movie. The directors contacted several people on this list whose experience 
goes back to the days when 7090s walked the earth, and we were able to correct 
a number of issues about what would have been possible or permitted with such a 

It's really weird to see how personal computers have influenced people's 
assumptions about what is and is not possible. NASA's 7090 was strictly 
access-controlled, and there would have been no ability to touch the hardware, 
certainly not by applications programmers. The directors had a hard time 
comprehending the idea of leased machines and charging by the CPU meter -- they 
didn't believe it until I was able to show them paperwork from that era that 
laid out IBM's expectations of customer and FE responsibilities and the 
charging model.

So, pat yourselves on the back -- we kept things accurate. The movie's worth 

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