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>John McKown noted:
>>​Lack of loyalty (both ways)​ causes lack of trust. It also, IMO, is why
>>some people decide to defraud their employers in various ways. A kind of
>>tit-for-tat where the employee "gets back his own" from the company.
>>Simplest example: __consistently__ coming in just a bit late ("bad
>>traffic"), taking a bit more time for lunch, leaving just a "bit" early "to
>>avoid the traffic".
>Of course you’re right. Folks are also encouraged to such shenanigans by 
>company stupidity, like all-hands meetings that start 10 minutes late, or 
>long, content-free all-company emails. I tend to sit there going “Let’ see, 
>n,000 people x 10 minutes = y man-days wasted…” In a decent-sized company, you 
>get to a man-year pretty fast. For the folks who don’t love their jobs (which 
>some of us are lucky enough to do), this makes it easy and justified to waste 
>a bit of time on their own…

Then there are the employers who routinely expects people to work overtime 
without paying them for the additional work. I once had a job interview with a 
company who told me that they routinely need to work 50 to 60 hours per week. 
My assumption was that they were underestimating it and that they wouldn't 
staff up to the levels where it wouldn't be needed. When they called me back, I 

Tom Marchant

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