z14 Key H/W high-lights:

Up to 170 Customer PUs @ 5.2 GHz each on a 14 nm 10 core chip
Up to 32 TB Memory
Uni = 1832 'mips', 170-way = 146462 'mips'
New Crypto and OSA Express6S features
New FICON Express 16S+ with increased I/O rate
New IBM zHyperlink Express, uses a direct connect short distance link 
(zHyperLink) to deliver low latency connectivity between z14 and FICON storage 
New Coupling Express Long Reach link. Will be available on z13 and z13s also 
(replacing 1x PSIFB coupling link for long distance)
IBM Virtual Flash Memory (replacing Flash Express)
Improved on chip Co-processsor for data compression and encryption
Enhancements for SMT, SIMD, HMC
Encryption for Coupling links
Lots more under the covers!

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