David W Noon wrote:


First time I see this prefix message with PGP and word MESSAGE. Hmmm, 
interesting. I really need to do drink coffee and then RTFM... 

>Hash: SHA1 
You're using SHA1, not SHA256? Ok, what e-mail software are you using. If you 
don't want to answer, this is fine with me. 

>Shmuel Metz has something to say about almost everything. ... :-) 

Hahahahahaha! LOL! ;-D

He [and Chris Mason] sometimes flamed me [privately] for every comment I make, 
but that is Ok with me, I just say "thank you" and move on.

>You might see this message encoded as Base64. I am including a cryptographic 
>signature and that usually requires a binary-safe encoding. 

Yes and I see this too: "-----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----"

I don't remember I ever see that, but I can see your reply on IBM-MAIN 
properly, but when I "quote" your reply while composing my own reply to you and 
to IBM-MAIN via web-site, all your reply is encrypted. 

I believe someone posted an URL where you can place that encoded message and 
that site can translate it for you into readable text.

David, please continue with your posts. I (and probably others too) learn and 
value your kind posts.

Thank you and all of the very best to you! 

Groete / Greetings
Elardus Engelbrecht

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