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> David W Noon wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
> You're using SHA1, not SHA256? Ok, what e-mail software are you
> using. If you don't want to answer, this is fine with me.

The hash does not need to be particularly secure for signing, so SHA1 is
plenty good enough. Even MD5 can still be used.

I used Claws Mail to send that message. I am using Thunderbird to send
this one. Claws is much more RFC-compliant than Thunderbird.

>> You might see this message encoded as Base64. I am including a 
>> cryptographic signature and that usually requires a binary-safe 
>> encoding.
> Yes and I see this too: "-----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----"

I'll add a PGP signature to this message too. Thunderbird probably will
not encode it as Base64 as T'bird is not RFC-compliant (or at least not
as compliant as Claws). The only reason I do not use Claws all the time
is because it does not always play nice with the MDA I use.


LISTSERV does not accept messages signed with an attachment, only with
an inline signature. The first attempt was rejected by LISTSERV. So
we'll try again.

> I don't remember I ever see that, but I can see your reply on
> IBM-MAIN properly, but when I "quote" your reply while composing my
> own reply to you and to IBM-MAIN via web-site, all your reply is
> encrypted.

I don't know what MUA(s) you are using, but I would feel inclined to use
something else if I were you.

> I believe someone posted an URL where you can place that encoded 
> message and that site can translate it for you into readable text.

All UNIX-like systems have command-line utilities to decode Base64 into
original text (or even binary).

It has been many years since I last used Windows. I don't think I could
live with its limitations these days.
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