> On Aug 9, 2017, at 3:35 PM, Charles Mills <charl...@mcn.org> wrote:
>> Softaudit says it can do it, they would have to front end the SVC.
> I believe they do or did. 

Then I would suggest you look elsewhere. Back in Y2K era a package was bought 
over my objections that did that very same thing front end the SVC. I raised my 
voice in protest and was ignore.
We installed the package and when the system got busy on Monday morning all 
hell broke loose. DB2 went bananas and users everywhere were yelling about the 
time and dates on their reports. 
I suggested firmly that we back the product out and basically was told to leave 
the room. The squabbled in a meeting room for two hours while our system was 
down. The door opened and everyone followed out. The VP came over to me and he 
told me to de install the product. A day or two later I was talking to one of 
the participants in the closed door meeting. Early on it was decided to 
de-install. The rest of the time was finger pointing as to who was at fault and 
who was going to pay for the software and the outage.

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