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> wrote:
> If the problem you are trying to solve is important to the organization, ask
> the people who can run DAF for what you need and let them sanitize the
> output for you.
> Alternately, if the number of libraries containing the modules in question
> is not too large and you can convince the security admins to help, you could
> create dataset profiles for the libraries in WARNING mode with access NONE.
> Every load would then generate a message in the system log.  It wouldn't
> tell you which module was loaded but it would tell you which library was
> being accessed by which job step.
> For a brute force method, if you have a test system you can use, recreate
> the libraries without the members.  As each LOAD fails, add that member.
> When the jobs finally run successfully, any members not added are likely
> unused.

I would like to hear from our RACF retired person on this.
I looked at this many years ago and the answer I got back from IBM was NO it 
will not show dynamically loaded programs.
I certainly would like this to be yes, but I can’t see how RACF could do it. I 
understand how they get the pgm=scan to be logged, but after that any 
dynamically load program is beyond (AFAIK) RACF capability.
Softaudit says it can do it, they would have to front end the SVC. 

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