The IBM TS7740 is a virtual tape library.

1. How about DFSMSrmm EDGINERS ERASE? Other media managers, e.g. CA 1, have
analogous functions.

2. If you have DITTO/ESA, there's an ERT (Erase Tape) feature that might

3. You could completely refill the virtual tapes with new "data." Maybe an
endless repeating string containing your favorite poem?

4. There are some vendor products available, e.g. Dino-Software's XTINCT
and Innovation Data Processing's FATS/ERASE. Although please check with
them to make sure they can handle *virtualized* tape properly.

5. Supervised physical destruction and degaussing (of the disks) works.
However, this option is inconsistent with claiming all of your TS7740's
residual value.

6. Some combination of the above -- which would be prudent, I think, just
in case one of the methods didn't correctly and completely work. And when
you perform these tasks I'd do it from a system (LPAR) that doesn't have
access to any real data, and with the TS7740 completely removed from other
z/OS instances. From a "sysprog" LPAR, for example. I wouldn't try to do
this from a "production" LPAR, out of an abundance of caution. Also, please
be sure you aren't erasing your only copy of data that you still want to
keep! :-)

Timothy Sipples
IT Architect Executive, Industry Solutions, IBM z Systems, AP/GCG/MEA

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