There was a patent filed by IBM on Locating and altering sensitive information 
in core dumps.
Bill Skeldum

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A year or two ago I attended a webinar that was discussing (selling) a product 
that would scrub sensitive information (generally PII) from dumps (SVC dumps, 
SYSMDUMPs and the like) prior to sending these to a software vendor.

I told my management about it, and there was no interest, so I didn't retain 
any information on it.

Fast forward to today. My manager calls me up and asks if I know of any 
products that can scrub sensitive information from dumps. My response was that 
I had attended a webinar on one. I was asked what the product was and who the 
vendor might be, and I could not recall and I didn't have anything saved.

Does anyone know of such a product? I know there is one out there but I haven't 
figured out a search argument to locate it yet.

Jeffrey Holst
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