On Feb 9, 2018, at 7:16 AM, Richards, Robert B. <robert.richa...@opm.gov> wrote:
> At what point or percentage (records written/space used) would it be 
> advisable to split out 92s, 99s, 120s into their own logstreams? Right now 
> they are all in Default. A coworker tested turning on 120s in WebSphere for 
> an hour and then grew it into an estimated 2 million records that would use 
> 48% of the space after 8 hours. Not sure if  that was one WAS server or more, 
> but that certainly got his attention.
> I realize YMMV, but am canvassing for real world experiences here.

My philosophy in segregating SMF types into their own logstreams is to consider 
the consumers. So, for example, I have a logstream for all the types that we 
process for MXG reports, and another for the types used by CR+. (Note that the 
same record can be written to multiple logstreams.)

Pew, Curtis G
ITS Systems/Core/Administrative Services

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