Someone has experience implementing eMail notification on z/OSMF V2R2?,
because for me it is no working and maybe I don't have good settings:

I got values from from our CSSMTP server like:
SMTP outgoing mail server: x.y.z.w.t.
SMTP port: 25
SMTP password:

No password because is no required. Only the first three are parameters
(fields) are required.

With this settings and using Notification --> New tag, I am trying to send
an email:

To: x...@dot.com
Subject: aaa
Body: aa

click OK

I have this error:

The connection to the SMTP host "smtpapplications.dbb.int.dexwired.net."
port "25" failed with error type "AuthenticationFailed" , error message
"535 5.7.3 Authentication unsuccessful
" .

IZUG615E   The connection to the SMTP host SMTP-host port SMTP-port failed
with error type error-code, error message error-message.

I checked in all logs, no Security violations.

Someone can give me some help.

*Jose Munoz*

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