In general, I do not worry about ECSA/ESQA except to be sure the amount is 
sufficient. You have 2 GB avail. What's a couple of hundred MB matter?

Yes, SQA/ESQA will expand into CSA/ECSA respectively. If  E* areas are 
exhausted, the below the line areas will be used.
When all are exhausted, an IPL occurs.

RMF III and or the RMFPP with VSTOR(D) will give you the respective 
utilizations and notify of any overflows,


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We got

     OSC Index 12 connected to CPC4100A via IP
 Addr    **
          LT Index=11 CSSID=00 MIFID=09 CU=0
 UA=00  LUName=GMSTR          **
        Type=2965-N10 Mfg=IBM SN=0000000D2C07
message displayed during start up of GGGG.

at IPL over weekend on 2 of our LPARs.
For one, trying reipl worked fine.  For the other we tried several times, no go.
RSU 1711 went into our 2.1 system.   We searched on apars and found some old 
ones mentioning to increase
ESQA.   There was some miscommunication and we increased ECSA from 570M to 650M 
for that one LPAR and it came
up just fine.

On further reading, it looks like if ESQA is exhausted, it might go to the ECSA.

So I have 2 questions

1).   Anything we should look for on why this happened to us for the first time 
at IPL?  Our maintenance?
or the fact because of the maintenance we stopped PPRC during the IPLs.   Also 
we did update our ISV vendor software including CAs MIM.  I know one of the old 
APARs mentioned GRS.

2).   I am concerned that increasing ECSA might cost us in some way.   Will 
this affect performance
or cause LPAR failure as we go along.   I kind of looked at TMON for that LPAR 
and this is what I see:

 CSA:    3068K( 34%) ECSA:     650M( 29%)
 SQA:     800K( 56%) ESQA:   47076K( 61%)

We lost our senior Performance Guy to retirement recently which is why I am out 
here asking for advice.

Thank you.   Jess

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