If you are using PDSE V2 libraries with member generations enabled be aware 
that native ISPF, and potentially other tools, allow you to actually EDIT a 
generation. When doing this and doing a SAVE the updated generation does not 
replace the base member and no new generation is created.

BUT what does also happen is that the PDSE becomes corrupt as reported by the 
IEBPDSE utility.

When a PDSE is corrupt you may see any, or all, or none, of the following:

1.      Corrupt members or generations

2.      Missing members or generations

3.      No change until something else happens

Note: If you are using PDSEGEN and try to Edit a generation the Edit is 
converted to View to prevent this from happening.

Lionel B. Dyck <sdg><
Mainframe Systems Programmer - TRA

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