I'm not sure what you are getting at.  If you have a z/OS 1.4 system connected 
via EE (or a "real" CTC connection) to a 2.2 system and you tn3270 into that 
new(er) system, then every EE (or CTC connected, (i.e. cross domain)) 
application that is defined to that new(er) system (even if cross domain to the 
old box) is available.  I think what you are trying to get at is that IF your 
old system doesn't support TCP/IP but can be connected to a new(er) system that 
does support both EE (or a CTC connection to the older box) and TCP/IP can you 
get to the VTAM applications that are available to the older system via the 
connections between the old system and new system, then the answer is yes.  But 
since z/OS 1.4 also supported TCP/IP you don't need the other new(er) system 
for that.

How you get INTO the system (any system) via TCP then any (VTAM) applications 
are available once you are there are available whether the connection is 
through a physical CTC between the two systems or EE (which can use IP).  

So I'm a little confused by the question.  Just because you can't directly 
connect to the CICS region on the old(er) system via TCP, doesn't mean that you 
can't get to it via a TCP connected device.  That's what the emulators are for. 
 But maybe that's not your question either.

Sorry that I can't help any more without some clarifications.


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