Robin Atwood wrote:

>We have a customer using our file server to synchronise 200,000 odd members 
>with a PC-based source manager. Each download requires a data set allocation 
>which generates IGD10xI messages in the server's JESYSMSG file, about five 
>lines per member.

That is a PITA. I can't remember how you can suppress it in the first place, 
but I believe it should be possible, via SPIN or something else?.

>So they are getting millions of messages filling up the spool resulting in 
>their ops shutting down the server. Is there anyway via JES2 or SMS to 
>suppress these messages? Preferably on a per-job basis rather than globally, 
>although since this is only a problem on the initial sync globally might be 
>acceptable for a short while. These are not syslog messages so the usual 
>techniques using MPF, NetView, etc will not work.

Rather try use FTP (SFTP or FTPS if you can) with mget or mput depending where 
you start your transfer. No worries about gazillion messages. Of course if you 
let your FTP messages sitting somewhere, say in a OMVS file, just check the 
space that you dont run out of space. 

Or just do your transfers in stages, say 50 000 members. Repeat a few times 
with next members.

Groete / Greetings
Elardus Engelbrecht

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