The WSC Flash has been updated, and you can find it here:

The only change is that we recommend:

1. Getting both the DigiCert root CA certificates and installing them
2. Doing that before April 2018.

If the short story works for you, here are the certificates we recommend you obtain and install:

a. The “DigiCert Global Root CA” certificate, is available from For your reference, the certificate has this serial number: 083BE056904246B1A1756AC95991C74A.

b. The “DigiCert Global Root G2” certificate is available at, and its serial number is: 033AF1E6A711A9A0BB2864B11D09FAE5.

Right now, this seems likely to let everyone to get on with their lives and not worry about the details. But currently understood dates are included in the Flash, for the curious. Some of them might change. Once they are carved in stone we can do one last update.

Getting this to this point involved what seemed to be an incredible number of people working behind the scenes. Clearly, we should all have started on it sooner. Sorry for the churn.

John Eells
IBM Poughkeepsie

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