On Tue, 10 Apr 2018, at 11:53, Jantje. wrote:

> I am using now a different separator character (one I am rather sure 
> will never occur in the value of the arguments to pass), glueing all 
> arguments together into one and parsing them back out in the invoked 
> function. That does the trick.

A better method is something like

arg20 = c2x("kdjhfdjhkjdfhkdhfkjdfh")
arg21 = c2x("4 kj g fkg lf  lfh  fglfgj lfkgj lfg j")
arg22 = c2x("$£%%^()*)()")

thoseargs = arg20"!"arg21"!"arg22

rc = myfunc(.......,thoseargs)

and at the other end parse the incoming multi-arg on the "!" literals
to get the hex versions of whatever the args in it were, then convert
those values using x2c().  Then it never matters what the individual 
args contain or if they're empty.

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