Gil wrote:

> I recall two letters and five digits, and earlier two letters (the first
two of
>a word) and four digits.  An abbreviated word may be easier to remember
>than two arbitrary digits.  But Telco gave up when they exhausted
>pronouncable digraphs.


Ah, the good old KLondike-5-xxxx. One of my favorite obsolete jokes:


<small boy>Hello?

<man>Is your daddy there?


<man>Can you write? Can you take a message for him?


<man>Tell him Mr. Jones called, and to call him back at CApital-5-1234.

<long silence>

<boy, almost in tears>I don't know how to make a capital 5!


Just try explaining THAT one to a modern teen:

Kid answers home phone? House HAS home phone? No CallerID? No answering

And then the actual punchline: "What is this CApital-5 business?"

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