On Thu, 12 Apr 2018 14:17:36 -0400 Thomas David Rivers <riv...@dignus.com>

:>I've got this handy-dandy little ESTAE exit, and I'd like
:>to invoke the BPX SIGACTION function.

:>But - within the ESTAE EXIT, when I invoke BPX SIGACTION
:>I get a return value of -1, return code of 157 and reason code
:>of X'0D14018A'.

:>Return code 157 is EMVSERR indicating "An MVS environmental
:>or internal error has occurred."   Nothing showed up on the system
:>console or in my TSO session...

:>I didn't find a reason in the doc why BPX SIGACTION couldn't
:>be invoked from an ESTAE EXIT...  but... perhaps someone here
:>knows more?

I would guess because the ESTAEX is running under an unexpected RB structure.
Perhaps it is documented as it cannot be invoked from an exit (not sure which
manual this would be described in).

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