Hello All,

Recently discovered that an ADRDSSU DUMP job ignores datasets from the INCLUDE 
selection if the source is migrated.
Looked at the documentation to find that there isn't a keyword I can use to 
force it to consider MIGRATx datasets too.

Is this ideal, or is there a case for an RFE here?
Think of a case where there's an SMS class that deletes datasets left untouched 
for a year or so.
But there's a backup job for a dataset (in that class) that runs daily.
In the case where the job hasn't run for a week or so, the dataset gets 
migrated, the backup job just completes without any warning (maybe?) about the 
exclusion of migrated datasets.
So one may be led to believe the dataset is being backed up when it is not, and 
then after a year, it's totally gone...


- Vignesh
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