I've been playing around with $MIGRATE SPOOL, and have had a few degrees of 
success, however, on some of our rather archaic systems, I get:

$HASP003 RC=(136),M 775
$HASP003 RC=(136),M SPL(vvvvvv)  - Command is not allowed on a
$HASP003            target volume with this format.

This is a MERGE operation...both volumes are ACTIVE.  I have read through the 
various restrictions, and the messages book.  While the plain text is useful, 
it falls short of specifying the disallowed format.  If I had to guess, and I 
don't like to guess, I'd say that my target volume is using absolute, rather 
than relative addressing.  I have tried migrating to each available target 
volume in the configuration, all with the same results.  I would assume 
therefore, that my source volume is also absolute, and hence a MOVE operation 
to a new volume would fail as unceremoniously.

Is there any way for me to know for certain that these volumes are absolute, 
rather than relative?  The $DSPOOL,MIGDATA, while useful for selecting a target 
with sufficient space, does not provide this information, and I do not see 
anything in the SDSF SP display to indicate addressing mode.

Follow up question, if I allocate and format a new spool, leaving it ACTIVE for 
a MERGE, will it default to absolute addressing like the others, or will it use 
relative addressing?  I fear offload and COLD start might be my only way around 
this mess...

I am at z/OS 2.2 JES2, $ACTIVATE=z11, LARGEDS=Allowed, CYL_MANAGED=FAIL.

Art Gutowski
General Motors, LLC

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