Peter Hunkeler wrote:

>>Perhaps the OP should also put in the "estimate" on how big the input for all 
>>the sorting work is in other terms. 
>>Something like this: Have REGION=<really large> and OPTION 
>>DYNSPC=512,SIZE=E999999999,MAINSIZE=MAX (which is working for my hungry sort 

>The OP (me :-) wrote in the initial post that the application *cannot* provide 
>an estimate.

Sorry, I forgot about that 'cannot provide estimate'. Thanks for sorting me 
out. ;-)

>I did not write about the fact that DFSORT sometimes decides it cannot do 
>in-memory sorting because it would hurt the overall system health. I did not 
>because that is not part of my questions. Be assured I do understand the 
>in-memory options DFSORT provides.

I see your dilemma. I hope you have great success with that PMR. Let us all 
know how that PMR is faring.

Good luck! All of the very best to you.

Groete / Greetings
Elardus Engelbrecht

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