On Wed, 11 Jul 2018 11:40:19 -0400, Steve Smith wrote:

>Not sure if this was pointed out before, but DDNAMEs are required by z/OS
>access methods, not JCL.  There is no reason these or dataset names need to
>be arguments just because REXX is used instead of JCL.
Most programs that don't expose DDNAMEs externaly create them internally
using DYNALLOC.  This is true for z/OS Rexx, not for CMS Rexx.

>DDNAMEs are a pretty nice feature of z/OS!  So you *don't* have to pass a
>bunch of (potentially very long) file names.  DDNAMEs can be thought of as
>a limited form of environment variables.
It stretches the understanding, but, yes.  In the UNIX environment, descriptors
perform much the same function as DDNAMES in the OS environment.

-- gil

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