On Wed, 11 Jul 2018 10:35:08 -0700, Lizette Koehler wrote:

>I would include the caveat
>Even though it is available, do not use Nested procs.  Trying to override a 
>proc within a proc within a proc ..   rarely succeeds.
I can't decide whether the author of the original RFE overlooked a requirement,
perhaps assuming it was implicit, or IBM shirked the implementation.  There
ougnt to be an extended syntax, such as:
    //refdd  DD  sysxxx=*.jobstep.procstep.subprocstep.subsub ... .ddname

BTW, what's the syntax by which a procstep can refer to a data set passed from
an earlier procstep?  Such as

    //MAKE      PROC
    //C         EXEC  PGM=COMPILER,...
    //L         EXEC  PGM=IEWL

It seems the author of the PROC needs to know, but can't know, the
user's job step name to code as the ????.

What am I missing?

-- gil

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